In the Black – Battle

As an American teen during the 1960’s, I was 100% in acceptance of Black Power, I’m Black and I am Proud, and the whole Black is Beautiful era. There is a strong contrast to that time and the current Black Lives Matter movement that has become a straight out wartime battle intellectually, economically, and socially. Whites are working to buy-in, but have a mounting competition from radicals in action to make police and property the sole issue and deciding no mater what to injure, loot, and burn up their perceived unjust nation.

Police cannot fully buy in to the BLM movement due to the possible loss of money/budget and lost of their likelihood. Loss of budget is money and funding and wherever money is dispute a battle of sorts will endure.

The rioting that occurred in the 1960’s are well reviewed as a ew form of urban renewal and the current black lives movement is being compromised as a means to correct economic loss and urban design of brick and mortars. The inside mall was a ne method to protect businesses from looting with measured egresses. Covid-19 killed inside malls and it is no coindenie that malls had already begun making the convesion from insode to outside. The SARS epidemic has already showed what could happen and devleopers of shopping plazas had changed the fantastic malls of the seventivenites to the new lifestyle plazs back to the old ear of window stores.

The Amazon Alibaba oligopoly of goods movement has changed the landscape of retail for the entire 21st century. Amazon has already landed their hands on closed and bankrupt/closed large retail places (JC Penny, Sears, Macys, etc) to operate their logistics centers.

While the BLM has been engulfed by wrong doers, its mission will be reached, however, the ongoing economic exclusion of black economics will either going south, or stay the same as last place. Reparations, access to affordable health care and education will remain areas of no matter to blacks in America.